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The introduction of a waste utility and curbside organics program is coming before Council for debate tomorrow. This is a complex and challenging issue, and the utility model aims to solve the city’s environmental and financial problems with respect to waste. In order to address a systemic funding shortfall and funding fairness issues, waste programs will either need to be funded through a utility or via property tax (at a rate at or above 2% in 2019 alone).

Unlike funding this shortfall through property tax, a utility model would allow for the effective introduction of a compost program for residents, and would be a more effective means of improving waste diversion and extending the life of the landfill. This approach is the best mechanism available to address both the financial and environmental problems that the city is facing.

I know this is an incredibly complex issue, and that many residents have questions about how it will work. Please check out this additional resource for details about the problems we face currently, as well as the possible ways forward.