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As you may have heard, the City’s blue bin recycling program recently stopped accepting plastic film (i.e. plastic bags, plastic cling wrap, etc.). Removing plastic film from the recycling stream will help to improve the quality of recoverable paper and cardboard, which make up 76% of the material collected by the program, as compared to the 2% represented by plastic film. China, a major market for recyclables, has applied new, more rigorous standards for the import of recyclable materials. Presently, Saskatoon’s recyclers cannot sell the plastic film they are collecting and are stockpiling significant portions of the material they collect. In order to make sure the recycling program is as effective as possible, please keep plastic film out of your blue bin from this point onward.

Residents can also return plastic bags to a number of Saskatoon food stores and retail outlets. To learn more, use the City of Saskatoon’s Waste Wizard.