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I wanted to provide a brief update to you about the current state of the roadways in Stonebridge. If you have questions that are not addressed by the information below please do not hesitate to contact me.

Preston Avenue: Dundee Developments is presently doing servicing work on Preston Avenue. This work was originally scheduled to be complete on November 8th, and once the work is complete Preston will re-open to traffic. This section of Preston will be restored to a recycled asphalt surface for the winter months. We understand there was some signage incorrectly advertising that this work was to be complete by October 31st, and while we’re not sure where the communication breakdown took place, residents can expect the detour to last for another week or so.

Hunter Road: This road has been reopened in order to accommodate the detour for the work taking place on Preston Avenue. It will be bladed today and will be graveled and maintained throughout the winter. Hunter will remain open even after Preston is back up and running. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this road (as you will have noticed) has not yet been built to a roadway standard. It will remain in a gravel state until the spring of 2014, when servicing work on that road will begin. We expect roadway construction to be fully completed in June. Until then, please use caution in this area and report any concerns with its condition to myself and/or the Public Works hotline at 975-2491.

Sanding/Gravelling: Priority 2 roadways (Gordon Road, for example) are being sanded today. If you notice specific locations which need work, please contact me or Public Works and let us know.

I know this situation has been extremely frustrating for Stonebridge residents, and I appreciate your patience. I will keep you posted as more information about these issues becomes available.