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Happy New Year!

Read on for some updates from City Hall, including highlights of the 2020 Budget and the 2021 Budget Plan.

These investments focus on improving core services, quality of life, safety, and sustainability in Saskatoon.

In late November City Council approved the City’s first multi-year budget for 2020 and 2021, meaning the budget for 2020 has been approved, and the plan for the 2021 budget has been set. The multi-year budget process will provide additional transparency and certainty for the city’s plans and also for residents.

A few of the highlights of this budget process include:

Additional resources for the Saskatoon Police Service, needed to tackle the increasing pressures of higher rates of crime/severity in Saskatoon and to keep citizens safe:

15 FTE positions; 10 for front-line response, and of these, 8 officers will be dedicated to the new supervised safe consumption site with response mainly to Pleasant Hill and Riversdale budget

The approval of a borrowing plan for a new central library:

This project will be led by the Saskatoon Public Library and the City’s role is to assist with the project borrowing, which was approved at $67.4 Million, translating to an average of about $5 per year between 2020 and 2026 to build this project

A new, dedicated funding source for projects focused on sustainability and lowering corporate and community GHG emissions in Saskatoon

$178,000 in funding for initiatives and partnerships that support quality of life in Saskatoon, including the Recreation Game Plan and Culture Plan

Temporary hiring approval to address a backlog of property maintenance complaints through the Saskatoon Fire Department

Funding to improve pedestrian infrastructure, including the pedestrian overpass at Hilliard St. East

Continued prioritization of Snow and Ice Management, with an investment of $14 Million in 2020, and $14.3 Million in 2021

Investments in Active Transportation totalling $5.53 in 2020 and $5.99 in 2021, including the ongoing construction of accessible pedestrian curb-ramps in older neighbourhoods

Ongoing investment in Roads and Sidewalks – $34.84 Million in 2020, and $34.65 Million in 2021

Increased investments of $1.8 Million in maintaining and improving assets like sidewalks, parks, bridges, and structures, including:

– $375,000 in additional funding for sidewalks  in 2020 – $450,000 in additional funding for sidewalks  in 2021 – $500,000 in additional funding for parks in 2020 – $350,000 in additional funding for parks in 2021

Below is a brief snapshot of the way your property tax dollars will be distributed in 2020/2021.

The year ahead will bring the conclusion of the Local Area Planning process in the Exhibition area, the completion of the Neighbourhood Traffic Review process in Nutana Park, and many other positive developments in Ward 7.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about your neighbourhood or city issues.

All the best in 2020!


Mairin Loewen City Councillor, Ward 7