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Here’s an update from the City about all things spring: potholes, street sweeping, and so forth:

The moisture from the rain and snow over the past few days is causing many new potholes to form on all Saskatoon streets.  The Spring Pothole Blitz program, which started on Monday, April 14, is an aggressive program to address potholes in the driving lanes of the high-traffic streets. As a result of snow/rain and cooler temperatures, many of those same streets are littered with new holes.  This set-back requires crews to start over with the Priority 1 and 2 streets, pushing back the other streets that were scheduled for this week.  Inspectors are out checking for changing driving conditions due to new potholes forming and identifying emergency locations on all streets.   Asphalt plants were not producing over the weekend due to weather conditions and the Easter weekend; however, crews resumed pothole repairs again on Monday when asphalt was again available.

Drivers continue to report potholes online with the Report a Pothole map and these locations are inspected daily.  At this time, only the severe locations and those on the high-priority, high-traffic streets are being repaired until we can get caught up. Those locations not repaired will be completed once the spring pothole blitz has ended or in conjunction with the Accelerated Residential Street Sweeping program.

About a third of the locations currently reported on the map are another type of issue resulting from completed City or private underground utility work that required an excavation.  These are known as utility cuts and have a temporary gravel/recycled asphalt cover until they can be properly paved once ground frost is gone.  Graders are maintaining these regularly until they can be patched with asphalt.  Utility cut patching begins today on Priority 1 streets and will continue until winter.

The Street Sweeping Blitz on high-traffic streets and business improvement districts also started on Monday, April 14.  With the rain and snow, sweeping did not occur Thursday through Monday.  Sweeping resumes today and the online schedule has been adjusted.  Sweeping cannot occur when there are pools of water on the street or when sustained sub-zero temperatures are present although they can still continue with a light rain.  Grassy medians and boulevards continue to be swept and sweeping crews are following behind to collect the debris from the street.

The Spring Sweeping & Pothole Blitz schedules are available at as part of the Building Better Roads program.  The schedules are being adjusted frequently due to the challenges we have been experiencing, most notably the weather.  With weather forecasts showing stable, warmer temperatures in the coming week, we hope to establish a more productive and regular schedule.

The Accelerated Residential Street Sweeping program is scheduled to begin on May 5.  

Schedules and more information are available at as part of the Building Better Roads campaign.  Saskatoon’s Road Plan is a coordinated approach to repair, maintenance and construction, Building Better Roads in Saskatoon.