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Hi there,

Happy summer! I hope it’s treating you well. Although Council’s meeting schedule is reduced in the summer months, there are still a few items to report to you.


At July’s Council meeting a Green Loan($2.25 M) was approved for the completion of the turboexpander project  at the city’s landfill. The turboexpander generator facility is a partnership with SaskEnergy and will be used to recover energy which can be converted into electricity that will be sold to SaskPower under its Green Options Partners Program. The facility has the potential to provide enough power for over 600 homes and offset greenhouse gas emissions by over 3,600 tonnes annually.

Adult Services Bylaw

Council approved the licensing of adult services businesses some months ago, but the question of where these businesses should be zoned was still outstanding until the July Council meeting. Council agreed that such businesses should be zoned to operate in light and heavy industrial areas with a minimum separation distance of 160 meters from residential properties, schools, parks, and recreational facilities. In order to avoid clustering of adult services businesses in one area, Council also asked the administration to take the necessary steps to implement a separation distance of 160 meters between adult services businesses.

River Landing

Council gave approval for the overall development plan at River Landing, subject to some additional reports about landscaping plans, wind studies, and other details of the final building design. Approval was also granted for the release of development permits for the site. After a long period of uncertainty, it seems there may soon be activity on that site.


Alley maintenance has been completed in Exhibition and Queen Elizabeth, is mostly complete in Avalon, and is upcoming in Nutana Park, Eastview, and Adelaide Churchill. The rain earlier in the summer has created considerable delays, so I thank you for your patience as this work continues. Please let me know if you have an alley issue and I will do my best to have it addressed.


There has been some discussion in the media recently about making Councillors’ schedules public, so I’d like to get your opinion – would you like me to provide updates of events and meetings that I have attended (or will be attending)? If this is of interest I would be happy to include it as part of my updates. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care,